Skin cancer

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Mole check

Skin cancers that are detected early can be cured in over 80% of cases with surgery or topical therapy.  If you have a mole or blemish that has changed in size, shape, colour and/or is bleeding or itchy - get it checked out!  Mr Kumar can offer a fast and reliable service to remove moles for biopsy under local anaesthetic in around 30 minutes.  If pre-booked, biopsies and minor skin surgery can be done at same time as your consultation.


Mr Kumar is a leading expert in the treatment of melanoma.  Having trained in one of the leading skin cancer centres in the UK, he now applies his trade dealing with some of the most complex and advanced melanoma cases.  He is a core member of the Skin cancer Multi-disciplinary Team for Kent, Surrey & Sussex.


Sentinel Node Biopsy (SNB) is the most accurate way of detecting early spread of melanoma cancer cells to other parts of the body.  Mr Kumar is one of a select few surgeons trained in this technique and was instrumental in developing the SNB service in the South-east of England and offers the service both on the NHS and Privately.  

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Other skin cancers and lesions (BCC / SCC)

Mr Kumar can offer a comprehensive skin cancer service.  His training as a Plastic surgeon means he can deal with removal of the most complex skin cancers and reconstruction using techniques such as skin graft and skin flaps.  The vast majority of these can be done under local anaesthetic as day case procedures.